Joseph Strider

Hello everyone. I want to announce the addition of Joseph Strider to the artist friends page.  I had the pleasure of meeting Joseph Strider last year after hearing his latest CD called "String Theory" which is available on CDBABY.  I have had the pleasure of playing flute on a song from "String Theory" called "The Path Less Chosen" live at different events. I enjoyed the organic feel of playing without the confines of backing tracks of any kind. Joseph and I are currently working on a recording project of his and I would have to say this is going to be one awesome album!!!! Following is a write up about Joseph that I got from his CDBABY artist site. You can find out more about Joseph Strider by just clicking on his pic which will take you to his CDBABY artist website. You can also find his music on the Spirit Wind Records website.

 Acoustic guitarist Joseph Strider has spent the years developing his own unique style, a style that fits in no established genre and can best be described as modern Indigenous alternative. As a child he received professional vocal training as a choral singer. As a teen and young adult he gained valuable experience over a six year period of touring in his home state of Texas. In the years since he has refined his unorthodox playing style, determined to fully utilize the potential of the acoustic guitar. 

Strider’s performances are a like road trip through every terrain there is, the music taking you down roads familiar, roads forgotten and those that are brand new. From complex instrumentals to simpler tunes with poetic yet accessible lyrics, to songs that are a combination of both, Strider’s vast repertoire has something for everyone. Inspired by decades of great guitarists and combining elements reminiscent of Hedges, Cockburn and Segovia, Strider’s live performances leave you jaw-dropping awestruck. His seamless transitions, numerous changes in tempo, and intricate picking style almost convince you that you’re hearing half a dozen guitarists playing and not just a single supremely talented man and his Taylor.